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oo east biddle and north montford streets friday.. wherr they took anderson into custody. initially police said he died from choking on drugs.... ut witneeses say he was assaulted. and tonight.. aa preliminaryyautopsy report shows that the man did noo die from choking on drugs. medical examiner's report to determine the exact cause of de. deathh ///////////////////sot////////// a police ppokesman says the man had at least one broken rib.. but did not have a neck injury.. as some witnesses claimed. meantime, the family and members of the local southern leadership christian conference want to hear from police. they're calling a new conference tomorrow to discuss the incident. live in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. 3 two people gunned down in
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northeast baltimore and no arrests have been made. it's bloodshed that has neighbors on edge and pollticans calling for more police. police. here's the scene of the latest killing. this morning many people found their cars with bullets holes in them from where stray bullets had struck them. just last week a scientist was murdered less than two blocks away ggtting out of his car. residents in both blocks say the police department needs to do more to keep them safe. 12:51 :12 they don't walk up do nothing they just sometimes they come and they sit and watch the block buu this is very rare thht they do that 18 18a city councilman argues that police in the northeast manpower. ee specially - violence breaks out in towson... as the tigers celebrate homecoming weekend. six people were arrested near campus and one man was shot... and police say it's not students who are to blame. blame.saturday night, after the homecoming game... fraternity members hosted a party at a tteater... that got out of hand....with drinking and fighting.police say many of the people who attended the
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party at the recher theater were not towson students. at one point, a man who just left the party, approched police officers at the nearby traffic circle... and told them he had been ssot.he was rushed to the hospptal, and is expected tt recover. mccullough: 20:34 "throughout at this location... at least s six individuals arrested... at the towson precincted." precincted." police don't know if the shooting victim went to school here... but they're hoping to get some leads from students at the scene.of hose pix people arrested at the party... 3 are being charged with assault... 2 with disorderly conduct... and one was arrested with drugs. it's be more than 6 years since political insider robert clay was found shot dead in his resevoir hill office. office.the medical examiner ruled his death a suicide, even as firends and family insisted clay was not suicidal. given up, and this weekend - they gathered to draft a request to us attorney general eric holdder to re-open the case.
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04:57"majority of people in this city know that mr. clay was murdered. you can't show me one suicide where a person standing on the steps and shoots ttemselves and falls down the steps" steps"former baltimore city inspector general hilton green did his own investigation of clay's of death before he was fired. phat report has not been made p. public. an early morning fire destroyed an home in harford county. fisherman lane and harbinger trail. you can see smoke consuming the entire home. firefighters tried to fight the flames from inside...but the intensity was too much. it took 50 workers about an hour to douse the flames. only one &pfirefighttr suffered minor injuries. nn word on what caused the fire. a police cruiser in montgomery county runs over a 15 year old girl right outside her high sch. happened friday night after a fight broke out at a football game.police were called... and as they rushed to respond to the incident... police say the girl stepped off the curb and iito the cruiser's path.
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bite, 00.14.08"sheedoes have some pelvic damage. she has a fracture to the right side of her pelvic bone. um, she does have some bleeding in her brain. nothing that they're jumping as to a concern about. they're keeping an eye on it. they're doing an mri every few hours." (:15) [hold video] video?]you can see just how bad those injuriessare.the girl's mother says her daughter has no recollection of the incident.right now she's in intensive care... and the officer is on administrative leave... while the police department's "accident reconstruction unit" investigates. that summer "derecho" knockedd outpower to more than 700-thousandb.g.e. customers. ann most...were still billed a least for the first24--ours. and this afternoon...maryla nd'' publicservice commission held a decide whether it's fair to those who lost power. b.g.e....says it only amounts to about 50-cents a day for residental customers. they say it's necessary to keep the companyyoperating properly. (gould) "it's very much akin to if you pay your taxes and you don't have your trash
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picked up because of an ice storm or snowstorm, you don't gee a rebate on thhse taxes becaase that trash wasn't picked up for that one week weekthe p.s.c. is expected to eventually decide whether that surcharge...should be discontinued for those whoo lose power. new clues today into the death of a giant panda cuu at the national zoo. zoo.the loss of the baby panda was only a week old. an cub initial necropsy found abnormalities in the cub's liver and stomach. oo offiiials say now their main concern is the well-being of mama bear √°mei xiang√°...who appears to be mourning her infant.. "overnight, "me iang" slept well. sadly, we had witnessed her cradling an object most of the might. this is the same behavior she demonstrated pight before the cub was born, so we think this is her natural motherrngginstinct." instiict."a panda ambassador is recruiting &ppeople to helpppromote
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awareness and protect the endangered species. many children got a surprise visit from some very special guest. the universitt of maayland's football coach and team &ppvsited the pediatric pattent at sinai hospital today. players gave the kids mini terps helmets...flags...and pom-poms. ii was an experience they say put a smile on everyone face. "to spend 11 minutes and to see the smile that he has and the joy that he has from ttlking with the players and thissall worthwhile."makes worthwhile."the casey cares foundation partnereddwith the university to make today's event ppssible. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. report. fiber- 695 libertymapmapmap 3
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batman strikes again.earlier this year a shirtless man jumped on the field during an orioles game. game.and last night at the ravens gamm there was a repeat . performance.paul gessler is streamiig live at m&t bank stadium where fans got an eyefull. 3 3
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here's a few other fans.. sporting their purple prrde ravens "geer".jordan and julian were celebratiig anothhr evet along with the game... a birthday party.take a look at that cake... ravens logo and all! and take a look at this picture from gail mcfadden... the family dog also ot into the purple ppide spirit... painted up in purple, with a purple bandana around its necc. show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox
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baltimore -dot- com.and you can see those pictures on our "see it shoot it senddit" page at foxbaltimore dot com.or you can go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaatimore... click on "inside fox45." former pittsburgh steeler hines ward is letting his real feelings about baltimore show on facebook... and they're not that bad! bad!he wrote that fans who recognized him on his flight to the ravens game last night kept telling him that they hate him.even the cleaniig lady in his hotel room said "i don't like you."but he actually had a pretty classy re. fans: i hate you too but i will miss you guys the mmst. i had a great 14-year run here and besides the super bowls, i will always cherish the ravens- steelers rivalry. thaaks for the great memories ravens fan.... can't we all just get along? (haha)" 3
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he may be gone ut he's definitely not the u-s navy is allowing neil armstrong's name to live on. 3 "how ya feeling theree oh my god, my heart's going to beat out of my chest." chest." a cheetah holds a group of toorists hostage... for nearly an hour during an african safari ride. what the tourists had to do... to stay safe. --adblib weather tz-- 3 a jail in a power outage strands dozens
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pf people on a monorail in australia. emergency crews using herry pickers to rescue 49 passengers trapped insiie two
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monorail cars in sydney.the heat reaching one hundred degrees inside the cars before rescuers could pry the doors open and begin removing the passengers.those stranded say they started to orry that heat.everyone was word on what caused the outage. 3&neil armstrong ... is.. of course... known... for hhs historic walk... on the moon .../ but... today... he... was also honored... for his missions... closer to earth. the... navy announced ...a... new class of research vessels... will be named... in prmstrong's honor...///.the... vessels... are expected... to be... 238- feet long,.../ will... carry... on- boord labs.../ and... come... deeked out with equipment... ttat can map ...the deepest parts... of the oceans...///. neil armstroog... flew... nearly... 80... combat missions... during the korean war... as... a... naval aviator...//. he died ... last month... at the age of 82. it was a night of glitz and excitment... as the television industry celebrated its top programs at the 64th
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annual prime-time emmy awards. awards. courtney... prre-el... gives us a look. look. it was a politcal night at the 64th prime time emmy awards as "homeland" ended "mad men's" four year winning streak caputuring the prize for best drama. ((nat "homeland")) the showtime series also took home the emmy for besttwriting in a drama and damon lewis and claire danes won best actor and actress. as the star of homeland danes doesn't think the show is too preachy with its politics. danes says: "i don't think it's a particually political show. i think it is a pyschology thriller that talks about some pretty big ideas, but doesn't take a very biased's "game change" dominated the mini-seriee or movie catagory winning for trophies, including the top prize and best actress foo julieanne moore. "modern family" picked
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up its third straight comedy win. while julie bowen and eric stonestreet walk away with best supporting comedy emmy's" funny man louis cck. picked up two writing emmys. julia louis dreyfus pretended to switch her acceptance speech with amy pohler after for "veep" john cryer was s honestly shocked to win best comedy actorrin his first year wiihout charlie sheen. cryer automatic. we never had to - think about. with ashton, &pashton and i are always working on it and always coming up with new stuff. and that's fun. it's a different way of working" the amazing race, once again, won thh reality show catagory with its ninth time in a row. while tom berergon won for hosting dancing with the stars. jon stewart almost didn't make it up to the stage affer winning for his "daily show" and jimmy kimmel kept the show flowing with his hosting duties. in hollywood, courtney friel, fox
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news what... a group of tourists... did to stay safe.../ after a cheetah... held them hostage... for nearly an hour. 3 --adblib weather tz-- a group of tourists on an
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african safari get more than they bargained ffr. cameras were rolling as a wild animal decided to hop on board. ----nats of cheetah jumping on - car---it was just another safari in kenya when the cheetah the tourist had spotted decided to hitth a ride. and for 45 minutes it was eye to eye contact... only a foot or two away from a creature known for easily tourist as you can imagine were terrifiid.
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"i'm not sure that i was breathing. and my knees were buckling, my whole body was shhking so, she was stunning." sttnning."it turns out the cheetah only wanted a place to rest. she didn't harm anyone. and eventually she jumped off and headed back into the wild. 3
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,3 3
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we're ... to... the fans... that make our facebook page... a success. success.todaa's ... facebook... fan of the day is... velvet burton....//you... could be.. .aa.. fox 45... fannoo the day./ day..../alll... you... have to do... is... go to ... facebook dot com ...slash foxbaltimore... p and... click the "like"... button..../we... have... a... new fan of the day... every &p fox45 news at five. 3 torrey smith has an incredible game following his brother's death...when he knew he made the right decision to in sports anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year.
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six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. left in the orioles season... they're one back of the division...and have a 3 nd a half game lead in the wild they opened their final omestand ith a
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double-header against the blue . jays...bottom of the 4th... adam jones up with one score....gets all of that one...i mean all of it... destroys it to the alkway in left...his 32 home run...2-run shot...o's up 2-0...right now they lead 4-0 in thh 6th... a whirlwind week forf thh baltimore ravens...after sunday night's emotional victory, they turnright around and get back to work..they take on cllveland his thursday night.... night....presumably, torrey be with hisgreiving family in you know, his brother was killed saturday nnght inna motorcycleaccident, and smith somehow found the will to take the field..and turned in one of the best games of his career,,,he caught 6 pases for 127 yards and two touchdowns...the second of which cut tghe patriot lead to only two points...ttii despite dealing with grief that had toohave pplaying receiver, you gotta have your mind clear. you can't have anything weighing on you, you'll tense up. it's going to cause you to drop the ball, have mistakes and i didn't waat to hurt my team. i
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came here, the more i was around it the more comfortable i started to feel. i'm glad i came back up here. it helped me out a lot." both games of the orioles double the ravens back to work today as they get ready for the browns on thursday night... coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... --toss to vvtas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 3
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tuxedo... stan trying to... claw his way... into the mayor's office... in halifax,... nova scotia. scotia.the three-year-old cat's owner started the stan's campaign for office. ng - he's a retired veterinarian, and is hoping to brrng attention to the need to spay or neuter cats.obviously... hii pet project is just a stunt... cats aren't allowed on the ballot in hallfax. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family ffud" is next. next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and 11...
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